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3.1. Memory Reseat/Replacement

There are times when your PC may not give video (No POST) when turned on, or sometimes you need to replace the memory due to the installed module having defects.  The process of removing and inserting memory is very easy, however if installed incorrectly, the PC may give memory beep codes, or just not give video.

Memory Removal

1) Turn the PC off and remove side panel to gain access to the motherboard.

2) Locate the memory module.  The PC could have anywhere from one to 4 modules.

2) Locate the locking latch on the side of the memory model.  Press the latch away from the memory module.

NOTE:  Most motherboards will have one latch on one end of each of module.  Although some will have a locking latch on each side.  If you see a latch on each side, both will need to be pressed for release.

3) Grip the memory and pull straight up.

Once the memory is removed, you can immediately insert back into the socket if reseating.  If you are replacing the module, swap the module with the replacement and continue with installation.

NOTE:  If your PC has more than one memory module, you may need to perform the removal process with the remaining pieces.

Memory Installation

1)  With the locking latch still open, align the memory into the slot. 

NOTE:  Make sure the notch on the memory module aligns with the one in the slot.  If this not done, the module will rock, instead of latch, when trying to press in.

2)  Press the module down into the slot.  You may need to rock from end to end to get it to properly sink in.  You should hear, and feel, a *click* on each end once inserted.

Note:  If your PC has more than one memory module, you may need to complete the installation on any other modules that were removed.

The PC can now be reconnected and powered on.


If the PC will not display video after installing the memory

Sometimes memory will appear to be inserted, however there is a chance that it may not be clicked in all the way.  For example, the module below appears to be properly inserted

However, upon closer examination, the contacts on the memory's edge are slightly out of socket.

This will prevent the memory from properly being detected.  If you see this, or if you are in doubt, press the down memory again, or repeat the reseating procedure.



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