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8.1. Read Me First

First things first - Please review this chapter first since it will help define the problem descriptions and make it easier to find the proper solution.

No Power

A no power condition is just that.  When the power button is pressed, there are no power light indication, and no fans spin.



A no POST condition will have power, there will be power indication, and fans will spin, however there will be no beep, no video, no hard drive activity, and the keyboard will not respond (no CAPS lock or NUM lock action)


No Video

A no video condition will appear just like a No POST condition, however you will notice the keyboard seems to respond, you may notice activity on the hard drive LED.  In other words, the PC is booting into Windows, but you can't see it on screen.

No Boot

A no Boot condition generally means the PC can turn on, however it can't find an operating system to boot to.  Sometimes the PC may constantly ask for the BIOS password, sometimes it may continually attempt to network boot.




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